This blog is dedicated to my experiences both as a commercial professional and a full-time working woman in the office.

My name is Hanna Mayhew, I’m British born and living in the Netherlands with my partner Jack, also British, who quit his job to follow me here when I was offered a career change and relocation from the UK in 2015. We like to think of ourselves as immigrants rather than expats as we have settled in the Netherlands as our home and base country.

My dual programme delivery and commercial career was formed in the UK Public Sector, working with agencies such as the Ministry of Defense, Home Office and Ministry of Justice. In 2015 I decided to join Royal Dutch Shell and focus on the commercial side of my career which brings me to where I am now.

I am a fixer and a problem solver. I create order out of chaos and thrive in complexity and uncertainty. I like to challenge the status quo and get to the root of the issue rather than fixing the symptom. I am also very passionate about all aspects of Diversity & Inclusion and am active in addressing the gap in gender balance.