Being Bold & Making Changes

This coming Wednesday I will be hosting my organisations national event for International Women’s Day. It will be broadcast live across all our sites in the country and also available for staff via webcast. No pressure then!

This week I’ve been putting together the slides for the event. Not too many, just interval slides to mark new sections of the event or time for reflection. There are also the mandatory emergency exit and introduction pieces.

The habit is to use the normal section break slides, put the title and the item number and off you go. How dull is that?

So instead I’ve been using a free picture site to find bright and interesting pictures. I’ve found fun ones and moody ones. I’ve got a cartoon video for part of the reflection section. Instead of doing what everyone always does, I’ve been bold and made a change. Spiced it up with the intention of keeping the audience engaged and invigorated.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is, after all, ‘Be Bold for Change’.

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  1. Here’s a small attempt from my side to raise awareness for a more inclusive world for Women. Will you #BeBoldForChange. Click on the link below to reach my blog


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